venerdì 11 gennaio 2013


 Rebecca has thirty-three years, more than a hundred pairs of shoes, a wardrobe full of blacks sheath dresses, tweed suits and a huge passion for the magnificent Coco. It is romantic, a dreamer, and madly in love with Nicholas, who is about to reach in Milan, after a year of long-distance relationship. A new job as a wedding planner, a life close to the man who loves happiness seems within reach. But a nasty surprise lurking: just arrived in the metropolis, Nicholas tells her that he loves another. Rebecca finds himself in a city that does not know and with a broken heart. But his legend, the great Coco, how he would react? Wearing enormous sunglasses, raising his head in defiance, would never allow a man to crush his rebellious and unconventional
Certainly will not tell you what will do rebecca!
 A busy life, a constant race against time, a job as a lawyer that does not grant reprieve: This is the life of Abby. And if one day, suddenly, it was forced to stop? For a trivial incident, while it is running, hit his head and when he wakes up in the hospital. But how long has it been? Abby does not know, can not know, because his brain is not able to fix the memories. The disorder may be short-lived, or perhaps Abby is bound to forget everything that lives. This prospect terrifies her, but does not want to surrender. And if it was an opportunity to revolutionize your life? To start to take care of what has always neglected? And so begins to draw up a wish list: is it close to his family, rediscovering with that until then had been ignored, he won his fear of traveling and decided to go to New York, where his sister has just had a baby. It will be in this beautiful city that Abby will spend unexpected moments of happiness and love will knock on his door again ... Now Abby has found something precious, so worth fighting with all his strength. Because his life is no longer willing to lose no memory, even the most insignificant.

Corey Cade is the daughter of the leading manufacturer of chocolate bars American, Sylvain Marquis is the finest chocolatiers in Paris. She wants to do business with him, but he does not intend to sell his art to an industrial giant. But she is willing to do anything to create a new product a unique taste and refined, capable of enhancing the reputation of its already popular brand, even steal recipes ostinato and charming chocolatier. Soon the news that a thief chocolate wanders the streets of Paris bounces newspaper newspaper, until the New York Times, bringing new customers to the store, but seriously endangering the reputation of the woman. However, in war and in love there are no rules, and despite all the attraction between the two will not wait. Aided by the intoxicating sensuality of chocolate ... A novel fun and sensual, that will carry you into the fascinating world of irresistible chocolate, conquistandovi with the flavors and colors of one of the ingredients that make the world a better place ... No woman can resist chocolate and Sylvain Marquis!

oggi vi parlo del mio tempo libero in 3 libri che non a caso parlano delle tre città che portano il nome del mio blog: New York, Parigi, Milano.
I 3 libri sono: Via Chanel v 5 che è ambientato a milano;
il secondo Innamorarsi a new york che è ambientato a New York; il terzo Ladra di cioccolato!!!!

Today I speak of my free time in 3 books that speak to the case of the three cities that bear the name of my blog: New York, Paris, Milan.
The three books are: Via Chanel No.5, which is set in Milan;
the second is "Innamorarsi a New York", which is set in New York, the third "Ladra di cioccolato"!!

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